How Big Pharma is Using AI to Make Better Drugs

In this article, learn what BERG President and CEO Niven R. Narain has to say about how big pharma is using AI to make better drugs.

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Big Data: Is It Crunch Time for Pharma?

With big data and advanced analytics progressing from fad to frontier status, Pharm Exec examines the readiness of the biopharma industry to take advantage of this promise. Can new digital health tools be harnessed to help advance new treatment approaches and aid decision-making?

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AI in Medicine Journal: Berg Analytics Research Paper

Non-obvious correlations to disease management unraveled by Bayesian artificial intelligence analyses of CMS data

• Data-driven Bayesian networks based analysis has been performed on health care data.
• Summarized, healthcare provider level data was used for this analysis.
• Novel hypothesis linking diagnosis codes was proposed based on findings from Bayesian networks approach.
• Potential mechanisms were explored to explain novel hypothesis.
• This paper demonstrates the ability of artificial intelligence methods to advance medical research.

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CEO Niven Narain Discusses AI, AstraZeneca Partnership on BBC’s “Talking Business”

BBC “Talking Business” Host Aaron Heslehurst interviews BERG CEO Niven Narain. In addition to discussing how artificial intelligence can improve the drug-development process, Narain talks about BERG’s new collaboration with AstraZeneca.  

Wall Street Journal: How AI Is Transforming Drug Creation

The Wall Street Journal’s Daniela Hernandez talks to BERG about efforts to advance drug discovery through the use of AI. BERG’s Project Survival is featured as a key example of how we are working to improve the lives of patients through the use of AI technology.

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Artificial intelligence: the way ahead for pharma

No longer confined to the realms of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is making its influence felt across many industries, from banking to video games to the food and drink industry.  Here pharmaphorum’s Marco Ricci examines its impact on the pharma and healthcare sectors.

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