Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Trials

Improve Trial Success Rates

Repurpose Drug Assets

Identify Efficacy and Safety Biomarkers

Rescue Failing Trials and Assets

Uncover Hidden Outcome Drivers

bAIcis™ a novel approach to clinical trials

  • Data processing is guided by artificial intelligence algorithms to enable seamless data processing from disparate sources
  • Cause-and-effect networks contain full integration of clinical trial related data including molecular profiles, laboratory results and EHR data
  • Patient dashboards are generated to provide key stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of patterns emerging from longitudinal data analysis
  • Companion diagnostics measured prior to treatment can stratify potential patients and predict clinical outcomes such as treatment response and adverse events

Case Study: Solid Tumors Clinical Trial

BERG Analytics has used the bAIcis™ platform to gain key insight into patient outcomes from their oncology clinical trial. High–dimensional molecular profiling of longitudinal patient samples were analyzed by bAIcis™.   In addition to visual outputs, probabilistic models and statistical analysis, our AI platform identified a set of molecular biomarkers capable of predicting patient response prior to the first drug treatment.

BERG ANALYTICS and bAIcis™ Solutions are available either directly through BERG or through an authorized business partner. For more information, please contact BERG Analytics at 617-588-2239 or