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Get more out of your data by pushing the limits of the types of analytics you can do with bAIcis™. The Berg Analytics platform enables agile data analysis with incredibly fast parallel processing, scalability to process massive volumes of data, and rich Big Data architecture. Berg Analytics provides a comprehensive set of analytics tools that leverage cutting edge research in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The analytics tools range from: data mapping, factor analysis, machine learning, probabilistic inference, Bayesian networks and predictive modeling to big data integration

  • Ability to analyze a variety of structured and unstructured data – EMRs, clinical, operational, financial data and genomic data – to match treatments with outcomes, predict patients at risk for readmission and provide more efficient care at a reduced cost
  • Analyze provider populations, patient characteristics and associated costs & outcomes to identify and predict the most clinically effective & cost efficient interventions
  • Identify, predict and minimize fraud by instituting advanced analytics for detection, accuracy and consistency of claims
  • Use historical data to personalize medical care by predicting or estimating patient outcomes
  • Ability to apply Big Data analyses to extract clinically actionable information from gene sequencing data along with other key patient characteristics, medication and lab values

Berg Analytics Clinical Decision Support Tools

Differentiate your offerings through enhanced and actionable clinical data for your EHR, Clinical Decision Support and Business Intelligence tools!


Berg Analytics' bAIcis™ platform was used to decipher the utilization rates and costs of healthcare services with questionable benefits or the low-value procedures across the medicare population in the US. Berg Analytics analyzed the entire limited CMS claims data set for the period of several consecutive years. Low-value procedures are defined by:  

  • Choosing wisely campaign
  • US preventive services task force
  • UK National Institute of Health and care Excellence
  • Canadian agency for drugs and technologies in health

Low-Value PSA Testing. Total Spending in 2012 (in USD)

bAIcis™ enumerated total PSA testing expenditures incurred by CMS in 2012 for patients 75 years of age and older. The map illustrates the expenses at the state level. County and individual provider information has also been enumerated and can be made available upon request.  

Low-Value PSA Testing. Procedure Percentage to State Male Medicare Population.

Additional analyses demonstrate utilization percentage of PSA screening in the 75 and older male population compared to the male Medicare population at the state level. The results show a certain level of interstate variability that is even more apparent at the provider level data.

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