About BERG Analytics – a Division of BERG, LLC

BERG Analytics provides real time predictive and prescriptive solutions to optimize patient treatments and improve population health. Our innovative machine learning platform, bAIcis™, uses powerful artificial intelligence technology to deliver new insights and drive better outcomes for healthcare companies and their patients.  BERG Analytics provides healthcare stakeholders with actionable Patient Intelligence™ that promotes best practices, dramatically reducing adverse events and readmissions, while supporting value based care initiatives.

About BERG

BERG, is a diversified biopharmaceutical company with Analytics, Pharma, Biosystems and Diagnostics business divisions. BERG's research seeks to understand how alterations in metabolism relate to disease onset. The BERG research team has uncovered key insight into metabolic control factors and into the underlying elements in the Warburg Hypothesis. The company has a deep pipeline of preclinical assets in CNS and metabolic diseases that complement its late-stage clinical trial activity in cancer and prevention of chemo-toxicity. Armed with the use of the Interrogative Biology® discovery platform, BERG is poised to realize its pursuit of a healthier tomorrow.

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