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Real-time Clinical Predictions in a value based healthcare environment!
Actionable Patient Intelligence

The healthcare industry is inundated with an ever expanding world of data from a multitude of diverse sources – from medication data to electronic health records (EHRs) to claim transactions. While this overwhelming amount of data can be a challenge it also represents an opportunity to gain unparalleled intelligence from your own data to drive better patient outcomes and lower operational costs! BERG Analytics can develop a data and analytics driven solution from your own resources to move your organization forward in the new healthcare landscape. BERG Analytics’ Patient Intelligence Platform will allow you to leverage your data to gain a competitive edge by improving the health of your patient populations as you reduce the overall per capita costs of delivering quality healthcare.


    Diverse data sources


    New insights into clinical and financial outcomes


    The most effective treatments for each patient


    High value care

A patient intelligence™ platform

Turning your data into Patient Intelligence™!

The bAIcis™ Solution platform allows our clients to harness the full power of Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics by applying a unique blend of evidence based science, big data integration, machine learning technology, and proprietary algorithms.

With bAIcis™, patients are empowered to understand more about their health. Practitioners, researchers, and insurers can confidently use the actionable intelligence from bAIcis™ to make better, faster, and more impactful decisions!


Berg Analytics Leadership Team

Niven R. Narain
Niven’s vision is to realize the true potential of precision medicine. To improve the healthcare outcomes of individuals while improving the healthcare economy. He believes the key to this success is a “back to biology” approach that utilizes A.I. and advanced analytics to better understand human biology.
Slava Akmaev
Dr. Akmaev is the Co-founder and Head of Berg Analytics, and SVP and Chief Analytics Officer at BERG. A background is in applied mathematics, deep machine learning and stochastic modeling. With two decades of experience in developing predictive models of complex biological systems. Dr. Akmaev invented and developed bAIcis, the cutting edge patient intelligence analytics tool.
Victor Ruiz
With over 25 years of leading Nat’l Sales & Commercial organizations, Victor leads BERG Analytic’s business development strategy and activity creating collaborative and strategic partnerships with many leading healthcare organizations including Providers, Payer-Health Plans, Business & Employer Coalitions, Life Sciences organizations and relevant commercial partners.
Vijetha Vemulapalli
Dr. Vemulapalli is a Sr. Data Scientist at BERG Analytics. Vijetha leads healthcare Big Data research. An expert in working with the various medical IT data streams such as HL-7, LOINC, and ICD. Her interests are in application of deep machine learning tools to disparate healthcare data for development of predictive algorithms for patient care management in oncology and chronic diseases.
Leonardo Rodrigues
Dr. Rodrigues is Associate Director of Advanced Analytics at Berg Analytics. Leonardo’s background is in computer science, biology and systems engineering. He leads scouting, development, and internalization of disruptive analytics technologies and IT platforms. Leonardo’s interest and expertise are in translation of innovative ideas into commercial solutions in healthcare and life sciences.